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The Last Chapter_Trace Route: Remapping Global Cities

The Last Chapter_Trace Route : Remapping Global Cities takes a synchronic approach to the theme of the city-tracing the route of change, mapping global simultaneities, and bringing momentary focus to a shifting and changing Asia. Three Co-curators are creating connections between cities in Asia, Europe and the Americas through the participation of 57 artists who will run workshops and on-site projects. By collaborating with various cultural institutions and residency programs at alternative spaces in relevant cities, this project aims to generate both creativity and new discourses through artists' activities. The results of this process will manifest in Gwangju as The Last Chapter_Trace Route for Biennale 2006.

Europe: Berlin – Paris – Amsterdam/Rotterdam – Copenhagen – Vilnius

Laura Horelli,  Finland: Karl Marx Allee and Kreshchatik 2005
Laura Horelli, Finland: Karl Marx Allee and Kreshchatik 2005

Source: Foundation Gwangju Biennale

(Co-Curator: Cristina Ricupero)

Facing cultural and ethnic diversity as a source not of conflict but of revival and enrichment, the artists from the European section will show projects and ideas that are recreating city landscapes along the axis of dynamic interaction that links former symbols of the Cold War like Berlin and Vilnius to the more traditional cultural capitals such as Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam/Rotterdam. They will deal with timely issues such as: mental and concrete walls; intercultural communication; nationalism and xenophobia, etc.

Central Balkan- Middle East - Asia - North America

Zaatari Akram, Libanon: Saida, June 6th 1982- Courtesy of the artist and Sfeir Semler Gallery, Hamburg
Zaatari Akram, Libanon: Saida, June 6th 1982- Courtesy of the artist and Sfeir Semler Gallery, Hamburg

Source: Foundation Gwangju Biennale

(Co-Curator: Beck Jee-sook)

The artists (groups) in this section unfold narratives which are contemporary yet historic and/or factual yet fabricated running through more than 20 cities - including Beograd, Beirut, Butwal, Shanghai, Gwangju, Okinawa, Los Angeles and New York/Bloemfontein - in Central Balkan, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Emerging from the concept of "inter-local facing," these narrative "routes" propose the imaginative structure of "town" or "town-ness" and the generative vigor of "circular canon" as a motivation to struggle against the overruling system of globalization.

Latin America: Buenos Aires – El Alto/La Paz – Caracas

Etcétera, Buenos Aires:  La Internacional Errorista
Etcétera, Buenos Aires: La Internacional Errorista

Source: Foundation Gwangju Biennale

(Co-Curators:Chris Gilbert & Cira Pascual Marquina)

This section follows a counter-hegemonic logic and purpose at odds with the governing logic of biennales. Bringing their diverse tools and skills to the table, activists, organizers, and militant media collectives will meet to discuss US imperialism and its wars. Documents and other informational-aesthetic materials from that meeting will enter into an installation, occupying the Biennale's spaces, that aims to be a locally-relevant instrument for reflection and action.


Cristina Ricupero

Cristina Ricupero worked as Curator at NIFCA, the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art in Helsinki, in 2000-2005. From 2000 until 2004 she was also Associate Director of exhibitions at the ICA, London. In 2005 she co-curated the exhibition Populism (with Lars Bang Larsen and Nicolaus Schafhausen).

Beck, Jee-sook, an art critic and curator based in Seoul, is currently Project Director at the Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea. Her recent curatorial projects include The Battle of Visions (2005) and A New Past: Contemporary Art of the Former Yugoslavian Regions (2004)

Chris Gilbert & Cira Pascual Marquina

Chris Gilbert is former Matrix Curator at the Berkeley Art Museum; he was the curator of Now-Time Venezuela: Media Along the Path of the Bolivarian Process (2006) and the four-part cycle Cram Sessions (2003-2005). He lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela.

Cira Pascual Marquina was Artistic Director and Curator at the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, from 2004 through 2006; she is the organizer of Headquarters: Investigating the creation of the ghetto and the prison industrial complex (2006), Reliving Democracy (2005) and Patriot (2005). She lives in Baltimore and Caracas.


Participating Artists

29 individuals and 12 collectives (total 57 artists)

Europe: Berlin - Paris - Amsterdam/Rotterdam - Copenhagen - Vilnius

  • Beutler, Michael (Germany)
  • Bonvicini, Monica (Italy)
  • Copenhagen Free University (Henriette Heise & Jakob Jakobsen) (Denmark)
  • Dias & Riedweg (Brazil & Switzerland)
  • Elmgreen, Michael & Dragset, Ingar (Denmark & Norway)
  • Gaba, Meshac (Benin/The Netherlands)
  • GIMHONGSOK (Korea)
  • Haaning, Jens & Superflex (Denmark)
  • Horelli, Laura (Finland)
  • Lim, Min-ouk (Korea)
  • Narkevicius, Deimantas (Lithuania)
  • Ohanian, Melik (France)
  • Rudelius, Julika (Germany/The Netherlands)
  • Serralongue, Bruno (France)
  • Shen, Yuan (China/France)
  • Snyder, Sean (USA/Germany)
  • Song, Sang-hee (Korea)
  • Tee, Jennifer (The Netherlands)
  • Urbonas, Nomeda & Gediminas (Lithuania)
  • Van Brummelen, Lonnie (The Netherlands)
  • Van Lieshout, Erik (The Netherlands)

Central Balkan - Middle East - Asia - North America

  • 16Beaver (USA)
  • flyingCity (Korea)
  • Ham, Kyungah (Korea)
  • Harris, Thomas Allen (USA)
  • Jeoung, Kiheoun & Siyon Jin(Korea)
  • JNP Production (Korea)
  • mixrice (Korea)
  • Shin, Ji-cheol (Korea)
  • Škart (Serbia/Montenegro)
  • Paola Yacoub & Michel Lasserre (Lebanon & France)
  • Zaatari, Akram (Lebanon)

Latin America: Buenos Aires - El Alto/La Paz - Caracas

  • (Venezuela)
  • Aru (Militant video collective, Bolivia)
  • Grupo Alavío (Militant media collective, Argentina)
  • Hong, Seok-man (Media activist, Korea)
  • Indymedia Bolivia (Bolivia)
  • Kim, Myoung Joon (Media activist, Korea)
  • ViVe (Television channel, Venezuela)