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Trends in Reconstructive Neurosurgery

Neurorehabilitation, Restoration and Reconstruction

Herausgeber: Visocchi, M., Mehdorn, H.M., Katayama, Y., von Wild, K.R.H. (Eds.)


  • Presents new trends in many different neurosurgical fieldsDetails spinal, functional, vascular, radio and oncological neurosurgery
  • Provides a multidisciplinary approach

Über dieses Buch

These proceeding cover new trends presented at the IV Congress of the International Society of Reconstructive Neurosurgery (ISRN), 2015. ISRN is an “open” multidisciplinary society that deals with advances in spine and peripheral-nerve reconstructive surgery, central nervous system revascularization (surgical, radio interventional), neuromodulation, bioengineering and transplantation, which are the latest tools used to promote reconstruction, restoration and rehabilitation.

Über den Autor

Massimiliano Visocchi is Assistant and Associate Professor in the Neurosurgical Department of the Catholic University of Rome. He is member of many neurosurgical societies and he is also involved in the board of several societies. Prof. Visocchi is the President elect of the International Society of Reconstructive Neurosurgery. He focuses on general  neurosurgery and particularly in Complex Spine Neurosurgery, Central Nervous System Stimulation, Haemodynamic monitoring in neurosurgical fields and pain treatment; as well as Neurotraumatology. Prof. Visocchi has produced over 400 scientific publications (more than 200 extensive papers  and book chapters in national and international scientific journals, books, congress brochures and 200 abstracts in congress brochures) and has given invited lectures in national and international congresses and courses.
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