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Tell Shmid

Tell Shmid, Südirak © Carabinieri T.P.C. Italia
Tell Shmid, Südirak © Carabinieri T.P.C. Italia

Nippur, 2000-2001 Annual Report - The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

"Although the Iraqis have been willing to have us back since at least 1993, we cannot resume research at Nippur until the United Nations lifts its embargo. I have been able to visit the site and can report that, although our expedition house was partially burned in a tribal dispute in 1994, as of March there was no illicit digging there. That is certainly not the case for many other sites, especially in the south, where dozens of ancient Sumerian cities like Lagash, Larsa, Zabalam, and Umma have been looted very systematically. A country that used to have virtually no illegal digging and smuggling of antiquities has become a major source for the international antiquities market." (op. cit: McGuire Gibson: Nippur, 2000-2001 Annual Report, in: Oriental Institute Annual Reports)


Fortsetzung: Rechtsschutz beginnt...


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